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There are many common pains people might experience in their life. Among those pains, there is one that people wouldn't want to get, no matter what if they have experienced it before. It is called sciatic nerve pain. You would want to know more about what is sciatica. You have come to the right place.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

what is sciaticaThe answer for what is sciatica is the pain in the lower part of the back and the back of the legs. You will feel the pain shooting from the lower part of your back down to the back of your legs. The path the pain travels is where the sciatic nerve is. The pain name itself has explained the symptoms. The pain will even go further way down to your feet too.

How does it feel to have sciatica? The pain will feel like a sharp pain going down through the buttocks. It is possible that you will feel your groin or knees hurt too. Hip, thigh, calf, and foot are the area where the pain would be happening and felt after all. People would have trouble when they want to sit, stand, and even walk when they have this pain. It is something you would not to experience.

Diagnosis of Sciatica

If you suspect yourself that you have sciatica, you should go ask for diagnosis to the doctors. When it comes, the doctors will start by asking many questions for you. Those questions include how the pain feels to you, how it distributes, and how long the symptoms have been happening to you too. Although it is a common pain, there are things that need to be looked at thoroughly.

The doctors will do a physical examination to you. Although you might have known what sciatica is and seem positive that you have it, the doctors will still try to identify the issues related to your condition through the physical examination. They will need to know how far your problem. The examination is said to be uncomfortable, but is needed to confirm the sciatica. It is something that will be confirmed once you have  the diagnosis.

It is the sharp pain that is usually felt from the lower part of the back, goes through the buttock, and even travels down to the feet. The pain can also be felt in some parts of the legs, like the hips, thighs, and knees too. If you often have such pain, you definitely need to ask your doctor to diagnose whether you really have sciatica or not. Care for your health more and be sure to check it up regularly.

Sciatica Pain : The Causes that Make It Happen to You

There is no pain that has nothing that can cause it to happen. There is always a reason for things to happen. It applies to sciatica pain too. As you might know from the previous discussion, sciatica is the pain that travels down from the lower part of the back to even the sole of your feet. It has something to do with the sciatic nerve. You should have been able to figure about what would be the causes for it to happen to you. Let’s just discuss it further below.

Being Pinched or Getting Injury

sciatica painSpeak about the causes of sciatica pain, the most trivial one would be simply being pinched. The pain of sciatica has something to do with the sciatic nerve in our body. The causes would be something happens to it. Let's suppose you are sitting for too long. You begin to feel that your lower part of back and legs hurt. This is when the sciatic nerve is pinched, thus triggering the pain to you.

Sciatica pain does not always happen because of simply sitting for too long. It can be because of injury or spondylolisthesis. The lumbar is pressed down because of that. It is the most common cause of all of this pain. You can simply get such injury from falling down somewhere. Although it can heal on its own after some weeks, you should ask your doctors just to be safe.

Other Underlying Reasons

It is not like sciatica pain is something that is not dangerous at all. Just because it is a common pain, it does not mean that it happens due to common causes only. Underlying reasons might involve as well. Among those reasons, the pain in sciatica nerve might happen because of herniated disc or slipped disc. It is when the nerve root behind the disc is compressed by the protrusion of the center of the disc, thus causing the pain.

Sciatica pain also happens because of disc generation to muscle tension. This includes as Piriformis syndrome. Bony growths, infections, and even tumors can trigger the pain to happen to you. That is why there is a need for you to ask the doctors. You should know that you might even need to get surgical treatment for that. It is not mere pain you can take lightly.

The pain of sciatic nerve can happen due to the causes as simple as sitting for too long, making the nerve pinched. It might also because of injuries that presses down your lumbar. Sciatica pain is also caused by underlying reasons, like slipped disc, disc degeneration, bony growth, infection and tumor. This pain might even need surgical treatment at the most. So, you should ask doctors to examine you and treat you if you happen to get the sciatica pain.

Sciatica Pain Relief

After you have learnt what is sciatica from the previous discussion, including the causes, you would never wish to have such pain. Sciatica can happen without us realizing it. You might never realize before that you have been sitting for too long, triggering such problem. There is a need for you to look for sciatica pain relief. There are two options you can choose though. The first is recommended to be done first before the second.

Home Treatments for Sciatica

sciatica pain reliefYou don't have to be panic and go to see your doctors right away just because you suspect that you have sciatica in you. The first treatment you can take can be just simple things you can do at home. You can use ice packs and heating pads for sciatica pain relief. Ice packs will do the job to alleviate inflammation and numb the pain. Heating pads will relax the muscles after that. It is not only that.

Other home treatments for sciatica you can consider is doing massage or stretching. Both kinds of sciatica pain relief will help you to loosen up the muscles that are tightened. Doing exercise is important as well. It helps us to improve blood circulation in order to promote the healing process. You should know which exercises that need to be done for your condition. If you do so, it should heal the pain safe and fast.

Medical Treatments for Sciatica

Sciatica pain relief of such kind would involve the doctors' examination on your. For sciatica at an early stage, the doctors will offer you pain relievers, like ibuprofen or naproxen. They should help to alleviate the inflammation. If they don't work for you, you would be suggested with acetaminophen. If it is the same, you will be prescribed with steroids, like prednisone, or opiate derived drugs.

When it comes to medical treatments, you will also have another option besides those pain relievers above. Sciatica pain relievers can also appear in the form of therapy. You have sciatica due to herniated disc. The therapy used as sciatica pain relief would be decompressing your spine to relieve the pressure. Other techniques of therapy are used to relieve sciatica as well. If the pain still persists, the last resort would be surgical treatments.

Sciatica pain relief you can take first before going to the doctors would be using home treatments. Just by simply using ice packs and heating pads, massaging, or stretching, you might be able to relieve the pain. If they don't work for you, you should go to ask doctors' suggestions. They will examine you and determine which treatment you should take, whether it would just be prescribed drugs, physical therapy, or even surgery. You should follow doctors' advices.

Sciatica Pain Exercises to Deal with the Pain on Your Own at Hom

Do you seem to have sciatica in you? If so, you must have wanted to know the way to treat it. You can simply go to the doctors to examine and treat you. It would be better if you can treat it on your own first. At least, it won't cost you much time or money to get the treatments from doctors. The treatments you can do by yourself at home, you can try to do sciatica pain exercises. These exercises are divided into two categories.

Stretches to Deal with Sciatica

sciatica pain exercisesThe first kind of exercises for sciatica pain that you can do is stretching. Stretching is considered to be the common but effective for sciatica pain relief. It is indeed an exercise. Stretching is different from exercise. The main purpose in stretching is to increase the flexibility of your muscles. If it is for sciatica, it will work on the flexibility of the tightened or constricted muscles. Although it seems trivial, it is pretty important.

Stretching is known for being one of sciatica pain exercises. It is capable of relieving the pain quickly. It will keep the pain from coming to you again. One of stretches you can do is Piriformis stretch. All you can do is to sit on the floor with the normal leg stretched out, while you bring the sore leg from ankle closer towards your chest in a gentle manner. Hold it for 5 seconds and repeat it 5 times. It should loosen up the tightened muscles.

The second exercise to relieve sciatica is by doing what we really call as exercise. Stretching focuses on increasing the muscles' flexibility, exercise actually focuses on increasing the strength. So, the point of sciatica exercises is to strengthen the muscles in the back and abdominal. Sciatica pain exercises like that are also meant to align and balance the back and leg muscles as well, while they are exercised to be strong.

Once they are in such conditions, your body will be able to handle hard works in your days. Among sciatica pain exercises of such kind, there is one called lower back exercise. You will have to lie with your face down on your stomach. While you do this, your elbows should support your weight, so the back is extended. Straighten your elbows in slow and gentle manner and hold the position for 5 seconds. Relax and repeat it again 5 times.

You should have understood the difference between stretching and exercise. For dealing with sciatica pain, both sciatica pain exercises are needed. Stretching will help you to build up the flexibility of the muscles, while exercise will strengthen them. Such effects are important to build healthy body that can resist the same pain again in the future. They are both easy and timeless things to do. You can treat the pain on your own at home.

Sciatica SOS™ : 100% Natural Sciatica Treatment

It is annoying to have persistent sciatica for a long time. It is not an incurable illness. There are many treatments you can try and medications you can consume. What would you do if all those things don't work a bit on you? If you are confused as to what else you can resort to, you should try the natural sciatica treatment from Sciatica SOS™ by Glen Johnson. The treatment suggested is easy, but works like a magic. Don't you feel curious about it?

The Former Sciatica Sufferer - Glen Johnson

Natural Sciatica TreatmentLet's start with the writer of Sciatica SOS™ here. Did you know? The writer was suffering from sciatica when he was 41 years old. Since he had it, he had been so dependent to his wife and his young son. Have sciatica had prevented him from doing the slightest hard works at home. He had been trying any treatment for sciatica. No sciatica treatment is capable of healing his pain. After 2 years, he gave up on any medication and treatment.

One day, his wife brought a Nepalese elderly woman named Xie. Xie has been a healer in her days and she offered Glen to drink tea like concoction. It was warm, shooting taste and tranquilizing feel that were felt by Glen at that time. Five minutes later, he felt the horrible stiffness gone from his legs. It was the fastest sciatica treatment he has ever done all his life. She told him that the cause of his pain was his overly eager, nervous system and therapies only add negative energies to the body.

After following Xie's suggestions for the next few days, Glen has the sciatica gone from his body within 5 days only. Xie told him that what he drank was a 2,000 year old remedy from her ancestors that can bring calm and cool to a body that is overly energetic. You might have been using sciatica pain relief to deal with the pain. It is not something that can heal the sciatica permanently. If you want reliable natural treatment for sciatica, you should try Sciatica SOS™.

This book was written by Glen Johnson by the consent of Xie, who is willing to share the secrets behind her sciatica treatment. The book explains the true nature of sciatica, a drug free home solution that can relieve pain naturally, and secrets to dial back the clock on your body's ills (VISIT HERE to learn about the program). Sciatica SOS™ is a book written by Glen Johnson, who had ever experienced sciatica before. It is a book containing special treatment to heal sciatica permanently from the natural secrets that are passed down in Nepal to deal with an overly energetic body that causes what we call sciatica. Sciatica treatment works within 7 days or less.

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