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What Causes Sciatica Hip Pain?

Posted on Jan 25, 2016 by Administrator

Sciatica hip pain can infect anyone. You must know how to ease the pain with the correct way. Sciatica is a condition of pain in the back that can go down to the leg, so hip can be affected too. The cause of Sciatica hip pain can be low back pain, like a bulge in lumbar nerves L4 or L5 vertebrae or pregnancy. Pregnancy may cause sciatica if the baby, especially the head position to hit the nerve. A common syndrome is numbness or weakness in the legs. You can do straight leg raising test to diagnose the illness. You can treat the disease with medication for around 6 weeks. If the pain continues, you may need surgery.

Sciatica hip pain in men in their 40s or 50s. You need to consult your doctor to ease the hip pain, sciatica and avoid running. Don't bend forward with your hip joint too. It will make the pain worse. You can do yoga poses like gentle back bend and hip's mild external rotation or butterfly to treat sciatica. Sciatica is more a symptom than a disease. So, it can be from spinal disc herniation, spinal stenosis, or even Piriformis syndrome. Overweight and lift weight things can also cause pressure to the nerve.

Natural Treatment for Sciatica Hip Pain

Sciatica Hip PainIf you have Sciatica hip pain, you may not be able to sit for too long or walk properly. Many people also say they are feeling uneasy on the hip after sitting. It needs time to walk properly from sitting position. We have some tips on natural treatments to fight the disease and prevent it. After waking up you need to drink 40 Oz of water or around 5 cups, and don't eat for at least an hour in the morning. You must do that while you are sitting to lubricate the joints and keep your colon clean.

You can try to sleep on the floor or firm mattress and see if it works to help ease your Sciatica hip pain. Drink ginger tea can be another Sciatica hip soreness' remedy and antioxidant too. You can also use a mixture of a teaspoon of ginger powder and a tablespoon of ghee on the sore spot and massage it gently before bed. Before breakfast, you can try to drink water and half a teaspoon of turmeric paste. You can drink water and half a teaspoon of Amlika and Giloye powder in the morning and before bed too.

Breath exercises and stretching also helps to reduce Sciatica hip pain. Alternate between hot and cold is also worth to try at reducing the hip soreness sciatica. You can use ice packs to reduce the inflammation. Heat will increase the blood flow and joint flexibility. But, before doing all of this, you must always remember that consult with a physician is a must. Wrong way will make the pain worse. You must make sure that your posture when sitting is right. The support like the surface of the seat is also important.

If you want to take therapy to treat your Sciatica hip pain, you can try physical therapy like massage, electro therapy, hydrotherapy, or acupuncture. There are also some simple exercises to help you. First, you need to make your abdomen stronger. With stronger abdominal muscle, the area of the lower back and pelvis can be stronger too, since abdomen is the most important support for them. You don't need to do sits ups hardly. Abdominal strength needs a good blood supply and nerve, if you do sit ups overly. It can make the hip flexor tighten.

You need to relax your hip flexor and Piriformis too. The key is to stretch them in the correct way and timing. You need to spend minimum time with maximum results. You can try this simple pigeon pose stretching. First, you need to kneel on all fours. Move the right leg forward, so the foot can be in front of the knee and the lower part of the leg touches the floor. Stretch the left leg back all the way. Take a deep breath. Support all of your weight with your arms by forwarding your body while exhaling.

You can also do figure 4 stretch to reduce the Sciatica hip pain. You only need to lie in a flat surface, put the right leg up with both hands and fingers locking. Put the left leg and make the ankle against the knee. Hold for some seconds and change the leg position. That's all about Sciatica that you should know. You can ease the pain with the right treatment, but don't forget to consult everything first.

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