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How Long Does Sciatica Last and the Way to Treat It

Posted on Feb 25, 2016 by Administrator

How long does sciatica last? It is often asked by the people. The length of the disease will be influenced by the way of your treatment and the condition of the disease. Pain in bones is one of the common problems occur every day. There are many causes of it with the mild level to the hard one. It is important to know the details of any problems in order to keep the good condition of body. The sciatica is one of the problems of bone and it occurs in the back and vertebrate. Maybe people ask about how long does sciatica last in their body. To answer this question, we will see the details of the sciatica pain disease below. Please feel free to read the whole details below.

Overview and cause

Sciatica is one of the shooting pain occurs in the lower back. The pain will spread and radiate into the buttock. This pain also can cause the weakness of the foot. This pain will disturb your activeness. The expert says that the victims need to do the special matter of the prevention, treatment and recovery in order to get back their normal condition.

There are several kinds of the cause. Know the cause means that you can be wise in choosing your treatment. The cause also will influence about how long does sciatica last. For the first cause, the expert says that the Piriformis syndrome may cause the problem. This matter happens because of the tightening or spasm of the muscle. This condition will compress the nerve and cause the sciatica pain disease.

The second cause of this disease is the osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis becomes the second cause of the disease. It occurs because of the dry discs. We all know that the disc is one of the parts of vertebrate. The older age makes the discs turn dry and it may occur the problem of your back. The similar cause of the disease and it will influence about how long does sciatica last is the herniated disc. When the previous cause occurs because of the dryness of the disc, the herniated disc occurs because of the slipped gel of the disc. It is at the risk of the soft condition of the disc.

Symptoms and risk factors

how long does sciatica lastYou also need to know that those two matters will influence how long does sciatica last. To the first point, we will talk about the risk factor of this disease. There are several common risks of the sciatica, such as the age. The age of the people will influence the condition of their bones. The older age has the higher risk because the strength of the bones arrangement and the calcium in the bones are decreased. The kind of the job will influence the sciatica pain disease. People with a high job have more risk of the disease.

Still talking about the risk factor of the disease, the lifestyle also gives a role to influence the disease. The sedentary lifestyle of the people will lead them to have a higher risk of the disease. It also implies that renewing the lifestyle is important to decrease the risk of sciatica. Remember, the symptoms will influence how long does sciatica last. The first symptoms are the terrible pain. You will find the worse pain in your back. It is one of the most common symptoms, which will occur in the victims. You need to do some treatments to decrease the worse condition.

The second symptoms are the weakness of the foot. For the active people, it is one of the serious problems. Not only influence how long does sciatica last, the weakness of the foot will make you lay in your bed. People use some medicines to reduce the pain sensation and to ease the symptoms. When you find the worst symptoms happen, seeing the doctor is one of the best choices to make. You do not need to wait until the worse condition. Please be selective in choosing the kind of the medicine.

Kinds of the treatment

The treatment is the one of the best points to know because it will help you to get back your healthy body. There are several treatments which you can choose. The kinds of the treatment also influence how long does sciatica last. For the first point, let us see about the self care. You can do some ways for the earlier treatment by yourself. The common self care is resting, ice or heat therapy, massaging, stretching, and others.

For the next kind of the treatment, we can see the medication for the next matter. There are several kinds of the pills, which you can choose as the media to treat the sciatica. The kinds of the aspirin, ibuprofen or naproxen can be the choices for you. The consuming of the pills also will influence how long does sciatica last. When you consume the pills continually with the good doses, you will have the faster effect. You also need to think about the side effect in consuming the pills.

Surgery becomes the next kind of the treatment, which you can consider in order to ease the problem of the sciatica. I am sure that every person will try to find the other way besides the surgery. When your sciatica getting worse, the surgery can be the only one way to use. The doctor will try to know the latest condition of you by the imaging test before applying the surgery. If you want to think positively, the surgery will give a faster treatment when you ask about how long does sciatica last.

I think you all already know about the detail of it, the matter you need to do and how long does sciatica last. Something that you also need to do is the prevention way. We also know that prevention is better than treatment. The easiest thing in prevention is changing your bad lifestyle with the better one.

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