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All about Sciatica Nerve Pain

Posted on Jan 26, 2016 by Administrator

Sciatica nerve pain refers to tingling, numbness or pain which is produced by the nerve root irritation. The roots lead to sciatic nerves which are produced from the root of the nerve that is coming out in the lower back of the spinal cord. The root goes down the buttock as the branches are extending down the back part of the leg as it reaches foot and ankle. Sciatica nerve disease is caused by a ruptured or bulging disc that can be found in the spine. It presses against the nerve roots that go to the sciatic nerve.

Causes of sciatica

The other cause of sciatica nerve illness is the spinal canal or spinal stenosis which is narrowed. Arthritis cause bone spurs, things like bone, which is small. It is forming along the joints. It can also trigger sciatica nerve pain. Injuries that lead to pinched nerve or nerve root compression can also cause this disease. Some rare cases of sciatica nervous pain are caused by conditions which spine is not involved like pregnancy or tumors. If you get this disease, your legs will get numbness and inflammation; such a pain.

People with sciatica nerve disease will feel the pain in some areas. It is radiating from lower spine until the buttock. Back of leg also becomes the affected area. It may be uncomfortable along the path of a nerve, especially from the lower back to the buttock, back of calf and thigh. Sciatica nerve pain may be excruciating pain or burning sensation that sharply affects those areas. It can be similar to electric shock or jolt. The pain can be mild. Those pains will be worse if you sneeze, sit for such a long period, or cough. The affected foot, furthermore, can have tingling, weakness, or numbness.

If you have this disease in mild rank, it goes over time. You should be careful when you realize that it gets worse. People with severe sciatica nerve illness that stays for more than a week should see the doctor soon and get the proper medical care. If the symptoms include severe pain in the leg or low back all of sudden. Your leg gets numb and weak. People with sciatica nerve pain should also see the doctor immediately if they get a violent injury from traffic accident or they get troubled when they control their bladder or bowels.

Sciatica types

Sciatica nerve pain can be divided into some different types. The first type is sciatica from l4 nerve root. The symptoms of this sciatica nervous pain include weakness and inability to do heel walk or bringing the foot upwards and numb or painful lower foot and leg. Those who are affected by this one of sciatica will have their knee jerk reflex reduced. The next type is sciatica from l5 nerve root. Their big toe and ankle may be weak as they are affected this disease. The top of the foot may be numb or painful, especially the area between the second toe and the great toe.

The last type of sciatica nerve disease is sciatica from s1 nerve root. The bottom of the spine becomes the affected area. The lateral or outside part of the foot will be numb and painful. The heel can be hardly raised. People with this level of sciatica nerve pain also can hardly walk on their tiptoes as they reflex of ankle jerk is reduced. After all, some factors like characteristics and degree of specific pathology and unique anatomical variances can influence the disease as well.

How to diagnose sciatica

Sciatica nerve pain can be diagnosed by checking some personal detail like medical history and taking a physical exam. Doctors also often held some test like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and x-rays to determine the factor that causes sciatica. Soon after the causes are found, doctors will give the medication and medical advice for people with sciatica nerve illness.

Treatments for sciatica

The medical treatments involve exercises and medicines to ease the pain. People with sciatica nerve pain are also suggested to avoid sitting as often as possible. The pain can be reduced. Walking in short or long distance is also recommended for people with sciatica nerve pain. If they feel the pain is reduced, the distance should be increased. Doctors may often give nsaids or acetaminophen to decrease the pain.

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