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Home Remedies, Food to Eat and Not To Eat For Sciatica Knee Pain

Posted on Jan 29, 2016 by Administrator

Sciatica is a large nerve in a human's body. It extends from the lower back to the back of each leg. As the large nerve, sciatica is pretty vulnerable to get the disease. The most common disease in sciatica is sciatica knee pain. It is a pain that attacks sciatic nerve. It can cause difficulties and pain as we do the activities by foot like sitting or moving the leg. It can be either severe or mild, but it is potentially to get worse.

Sciatica knee pain causes

If the lumbosacral spine and lower lumbar root is irritated, it can cause sciatica pain in knees. Some other factors can also cause this illness. Those factors are spondylolisthesis (slipping vertebra over the other), degenerative disc disease (discs are broken down), pregnancy, and lumbar spinal stenosis (narrowed spinal canal). Basically, sciatica knee pain is about back pain. It can get worse if people have irregular exercise or overweight. Wear high heels and sleeping upon a too soft mattress can also affect this pain.

Home remedies for sciatica knee pain

Sciatica Knee PainYou can get medication and medical advice from the doctor to reduce the pain of sciatica knee disease. Some home remedies for sciatica knee pain are also presented to relieve the pain. Follow them as long as you can. First, low chair is not recommended. Make sure that you are not using a low chair to sit, lift, or bend or you will get the pain worse. As you feel the pain, pick a cold pack as your first aid. It can help you reduce the inflammation. If you do not have cold pack, you can use a bag and some frozen vegetables. Use it to compress the painful area.

Massage the area of sciatica knee pain in a triangular pattern and apply an ice cube on it. Move the ice cube before the affected skin becomes too cold. As it is finished, use electric pad to reduce the pain. Make sure that people are not sleeping while the pads are applied to prevent the burn. If the electric pads are not available, use a hot hand towel. It is believed by the expert of physical therapy that the moist heat can penetrate deeper and give, the better relieving sensation of the pain.

People with sciatica knee illness should use a mattress with firm surface to sleep or take a rest. Manage a pillow under or between the knees. Recliner chair can be a great solution for this matter. People with sciatica knee pain should not stay or lie on a bed more than two days to prevent the worse condition. It can make the condition worse. It would be better for people with the sciatica disease to be active by doing moderate activities like household and simple sport exercise.

Foods for sciatica knee pain diet plan

Foods for people with sciatica knee pain also become an important concern. Make sure that the foods they take bring benefit for relieving their pain. Foods and vegetables still become the most recommended food Make sure that the fruits and vegetables are rich of fibre that will be very helpful to ease the pain and prevent constipation. Some berries and pineapple are also known as anti inflammatory as they also support the immune system. Add also the source of omega-3 fatty acids as herrings, sardines, mackerel, halibut and salmon into the menu for people with sciatica knee disease.

Add these items to sciatica knee pain diet plan. Green tea is a great source of antioxidant which is very beneficial for the body. Drink 2-3 cups a day to fulfill the need of antioxidant. Complete those menus with source of vitamins b, c, a and k. Vitamin b can be found in spinach, nuts, bananas, whole grain and others. Dairy products and orange colored fruits are sources of vitamin a. Vitamin c is available in yellow fruits and vegetables and vitamin k can be found in broccoli, alfalfa, spinach, cereals and vegetable oils. Don’t forget to drink water to prevent dehydration.

Avoid these foods

People with sciatica pain in knees should pay attention to some foods they should avoid. Animal products should be cut out during first two weeks of the sciatica diet plan, but still include the fatty fish for the reasons explained previously. Foods that result prostaglandins like safflower oil, corn oil, margarine and others can increase inflammation. They should not be included in the diet plan for sciatica knee pain. Caffeine, processed foods, refined sugar, chocolate, alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided as well as prevent the reaction of stress that can make the disease worse.

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